current distractions

I have discovered creative ways to distract myself while I swim with cement blocks tied around my aching joints in a putrid Ocean of billboards and broken buildings and menacing smog puffing at me. Actually, they are not really creative, they are revisited hobbies, hobbies I had and thoroughly enjoyed but for some reason forgotten because I was a stupid bitch, like reading. How I used to love reading and how I am falling in love with it once again. I’m onto my 8th book in 2016 and I don’t think I have read this ferociously before.

In a time of eye-widening and ass-numbing distractions stemming from the tentacles of social media, it is truly hard to focus on one thing. One good thing at that. One self-developing thing. BUT somehow, I managed to finish all 5 books of Game of Thrones, listened to 44hrs and 53minutes of Stephen King’s IT on Audibles, restarted Oscar wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray that I have abandoned about 5years ago and finished it, and picking up Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventurew in Wonderland that I have also abandoned but now plan to reread along with Through the Looking Glass once I am done with that.

So that’s it, I’m set, I’m loving it and it is my only proper escape when I’m feeling in limbo at the restaurant or in any other state where I’m forced to wait for something or someone or nothing, which happens a lot.

Oh and I have developed an unhealthy fascination with Jeffree Star.


Author: noramorta

For the first time after years of deliberation and procrastination, I move from the old fashioned pen and paper to display the consequences of my bad decisions, my inflated mixed emotions and my awkward findings on life.

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